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Multipliers, Amplifiers, Chip & Wire Passives, Mixers, Limiters, RF/Microvwave Packaging, RF/Microwave intergrated Modules
In Building Wireless, Tactical Radios, Tracking Hardware, Data Loggers, VHF & UHF Uni-Directiional Amplifiers Fiber Remote, Multiband Video Receivers.
Filters and Combiners, Duplexers, Diplexers, DC Blocks, Hybrid Couplers, Wilkinson Dividers, Termination, Attenuators, GPS Fiber Receiver & Transmitters

Flexible flat cables and flat cable assemblies for high performance motion, aerospace, military, medical and semiconductor manufacturing applications.

 EZ Form

Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies, Delay Lines, Connectors, Odd Impedance Cables, EZ FlexCables, MIL-C-17 QPL Cables, Flexible Cables/Assemblies, EZ quick Snap Connector System. Phase Stable cable and assemblies, Low Loss cables and assemblies and Test Cables.

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Flex and RigidFlex Circuitry, to 24 layers, quick turn delivery, blind and buried vias. Mil-P-50884 Certified. Multi-layer Rigid Flex, Staggered LayerFlex, Dual Side Access, Blind and Buried Vias, Impedance Controls, Book Binder
Mass Bay Tech

Silicon Thin Film Resistors and Thin Film Attenuator Pads


Waveguide bends and twists, directional couplers and monopulse comparators, rotary joints, microwave filters, rotary switches and waveguide shutters, waveguide pressure windows and other components.

Supplier of MMIC circuits, foundry service, epitaxial wafers based on III-V (GaAs, GaN and InP) PHEMT & MHEMT GaAs and DHBT on InP Substrates


RF Coaxial Relay products, DC to 40 GHz. SMA Connectorized Relays 1P2T, Transfer, 2P2T, Multi-Throw and Redundant.  N Connectorized 1P2T and Transfer. Surface Mount Technology Relays are available in 1P1T, 1P2T, and Circuit Insertion Configurations.

RF & Microwave Filters, filter networks, lumped element networks, dielectric resonator designs,compact high power, low-loss notch filters (switched and fixed), multiplexers, blind-mate filters, evanescent mode dielectric-basednotch filters

0.4 to 40GHz Isolators,Circulators, Pin Diode Switches, Equalizers, Bias T's, SpaceQualified


RF Signal Generators, Digital Attenuators up to 20 GHz, Solid State RF and Microwave Switches, Ruggedized, 4 Port High Powered USB Hubs, Phase Shifters up to 12 GHz









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